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11v11 Soccer League Rules

All games shall be in accordance with the FIFA "laws of the game", except as modified below.

Competition sanctioned by this association shall abide by the “laws of the game”, along with any modifications or regulations of Striker Soccer.

Good sportsmanship is a must in this league. You will be kicked out without refund if you do not abide by the following rules. If you feel like you're getting worked up, remove yourself from the field.

Light pushing with intent to fight - removal from current game, and 1 game suspension.

Aggressive push with intent to fight - suspension from the league and no refund. Duration of suspension is decided by the league.

Any form of hitting/aggressive contact with another player - suspension from the league and no refund. Duration of suspension is decided by the league.

Yellow card: removal from game until next substitution. Substitution is allowed.

Sin bin: Player is pulled from the game for 5-10 min. The time is decided by the referee and can be extended by the referee if deemed necessary. No substitution allowed. 

Red card: removal from current game and one game suspension. 

Field of Play

Field shall be between 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide.

Number of Players

All teams will play 11 per side (goalie included).

CO-ED ONLY: A minimum of 3 females must be on the field at all times.

CO-ED ONLY: A team can play with only 2 females, but in this case they are only allowed to play a maximum of 8 males 

Teams must have a minimum of 8 players on the field to start a game with at least 1 girls. A 10-minute grace period will be in effect for the first game of the day only. If a minimum of 1 female players are not present, the game is a forfeit.

Substitutions shall be unlimited. 

Substitutions may be made from the midfield line and once the ref has acknowledged that a substitution can be made. The player leaving and entering the field does so at midfield and/or without gaining an unfair advantage.

Check-in: All registered players must be listed and have a valid photo on the game sheet. Both teams shall be checked-in prior to the game by the referee. Players arriving after the start of the game MUST check in with a game official. Players not on the roster are not considered registered players and therefore cannot play. Any player who violates the league’s check-in procedure by entering the field of play without first checking-in with a member of the referee crew, shall be removed from the game and cautioned (shown the yellow card) by the referee. After being removed and cautioned, the player can subsequently re-enter the game at the next substitution opportunity.

Players’ Equipment

Shin Guards are REQUIRED. No exceptions.

Footwear: regulation soccer cleats with rubber-soles (not football cleats), plastic cleats, and detachable rubber cleats that screw into the shoe, and tennis shoes are the only permissible footwear.

Teams will wear uniforms of matching color.

Jewelry: No bulky jewelry or any other item deemed dangerous by the official may be worn.

If eyeglasses are worn, they must be unbreakable. Each player is responsible for the safety of his/her own eyeglasses.

Headwear: Players may wear a knit or stocking cap (no caps with bills) during play.

The Duration of the Match

Games will be played with two 45-minute halves, and a five-minute half time.

There will be no overtime periods in regular season matches.

Playoff matches will have two, 5 minute overtime periods with “Golden Goal” format (clocks will not stop after the 2nd period). If there is no score after overtime, it will go to PK's. 

CO-ED ONLY: Co-Ed games ending in PK’s will have 5 shooters with a minimum of 2 female shooters.

Forfeit Time: A forfeit will result in a 4-0 loss for the forfeiting team. After forfeiture, the game can still be played as a scrimmage or “friendly” between the two scheduled teams. Even if it is a forfeit, referees are required to stay and officiate the game if both teams still want to play. Teams can share players between the two scheduled teams or any team scheduled at their field, if the game is a forfeit. All players playing in a forfeited game must be registered players on the rosters at the field that game is being played at, and check in before they play.

Mercy Rule: There is no "mercy rule" but the max points you can win in a game is 4, so keep the game friendly and fun.


The offside rule WILL be in effect. There is only one ref and they will do the best they can to ensure to make the right call. 

Slide Tackling

There is NO SLIDE TACKLING unless it is to block a shot with no players around. If a player is around, it will result in a yellow. This rule applies to all players including the goalkeeper.

A slide tackle will result in an automatic yellow card. The first slide may result in a warning, dependent on the ref and game in the season. 

A slide tackle occurs when a player leaves his/her feet and leads with his/her feet to play the ball while the ball is in the proximity of another player.

A slide tackle does not require that any contact occur between players.

Sliding to keep a ball from going out of bounds, or to stop a ball that does not endanger another player is not a foul.

It will be up to the referee’s discretion as to whether or not a player’s participation from the ground is dangerous.

Goalkeepers sliding rule. Goalkeepers may slide out with their hands to get the ball. However, they must not be reckless and put another player in danger. If a Goalkeeper comes flying out to slide for the ball in a reckless manner, whether they make contact with an opponent or not, a penalty will be awarded to the opposition. Goalkeepers may not slide out feet first.

If you’re a forward running toward a goalkeeper and the GK will get to the ball first, stop or slow down. This will prevent injury to you and/or another.

Free Kicks

All fouls outside of the penalty area will be awarded a free kick. Indirect/direct free kicks will be determined by the referee based on standard soccer rules. 

The defensive players can be no closer than 10 yards to the ball.

General Rules

While the ball is in play, no coach/manager, player or spectator shall interfere and/or approach a referee.

Children must be supervised at ALL times. Children are required to stay off the field of play.

If the Referee feels he/she cannot control the game for the safety of the players, he/she has the right to terminate the game. If the game is terminated after the first half is completed it is considered a full game.


Schedules will be posted on the web site throughout the season. Please check regularly for updates or field changes.

Make sure the league has a correct e-mail address for your team at all times.

Game times are not guaranteed. Games will be scheduled around field availability.


Roster size is 15 players minimum, including at least 3 females (coed only). IF A PLAYER DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE PRINTED ROSTER, THAT PLAYER IS NOT OFFICIALLY REGISTERED AND CANNOT PLAY. If your team is found to play unregistered players, that will result in a strike for the whole team. 

Player Eligibility



ALL FORMS OF VIOLENT CONDUCT AND SERIOUS FOUL PLAY WILL WARRANT AUTOMATIC EJECTION WITH NO WARNINGS GIVEN. Sendoffs (receiving a red card or two yellow cards in one game) will warrant automatic ejection of said player from the playing field. Spectator violent conduct will warrant automatic ejection of said person from the vicinity of the playing field. If an ejected player or spectator does not leave the premises within two (2) minutes, the match can be TERMINATED.

A. At a minimum, there will be a one (1) game, in addition to the game in which the player or spectator was suspended.

B. No coach/manager, player, or spectator shall:

Threaten an official or another player, coach/manager or spectator

Lay a hand upon, shove, or strike an official or another player, coach/manager or spectator

Be guilty of objectionable demonstrations or verbal dissent at official’s decision

Refuse to abide by official’s decision

Physically or verbally attack any player, official, coach/manager, or spectator

Officials have the authority to give warnings to players, substitutes, and spectators and suspend/eject if necessary.


Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are NOT allowed at any playing field at any time. Teams are responsible for their spectators. Drinking or use of tobacco products is not allowed in recreation programs.

First Offense – Team: Forfeiture of next game. Player: Suspension from next game

Second Offense – Team and/or player suspended or terminated from the league.

League Standings

The league maintains a standings page to reflect the wins, losses, and draws for each team. League standings and scores will be updated and available on this website.

Rain- Out / Cancellation Procedure: Please check this website for any cancellations. If nothing is posted, please proceed to the playing field. Referees are permitted to leave the field only after the last scheduled game is played to full time or terminated early for weather or other cause.

Games canceled due to rain, field problems, or other factors beyond our control will not be rescheduled unless the field and referee availability allow. Due to our year round soccer schedule, it is unlikely rained out games can be rescheduled.

The game clock will continue to run during the suspension. No additional time will be added in the case of suspension due to weather.

Score and Timekeeping: Score keeping and Time keeping will be performed on the field by the referee.