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1997 to Now

Our journey began with Alli's passion for soccer igniting at the age of 3, with Rebecca steadfastly by her side. This early connection to the sport sparked a lifelong love that continues to burn brightly. Alli was captivated by the camaraderie, teamwork, and profound friendships that soccer nurtures. These core values remain unwavering as the foundation of our mission. 


Dynamic Duo

In October 2022, Rebecca and Alli gained ownership of Striker Sports & Social (then Striker Soccer), driven by a shared commitment to preserve and perpetuate the essence of what started the business in 2010. With Rebecca's background in marketing and her innate ability to unite people, and Alli's enduring devotion to soccer despite shifting from competitive arenas to more recreational settings, we embarked on this venture together. 

Alli wants to inspire individuals of every proficiency to find or grow a love for sports and forge lasting connections. Together, we aspire to cultivate a community where fun knows no bounds, skill levels dissolve, and friendships flourish.

Our values

We live here too, and we work to make it a better place for all. Diversity. Inclusion. Service.

Sportsmanship & Safety
Keep playing for as long as you can means making sure the safety of yourself and others is a top priority. We all are here to have fun and play, be nice while doing it.

We believe in the joy of the game and inspiring lifelong involvement in the game. Get out and play.


Our Mission

Creating a fun, safe, and inclusive space to explore and expand the love of sports.


Our Vision

Uniting communities through sports and social events by inspiring the passion of a million players across the U.S. to get out and play.



The Meaning Behind Our Logo

At the heart of our logo lies a profound story of hope and transformation, embodied by Chance, a rescue pitbull owned by Alli, one of our esteemed co-owners. Chance is more than just a beloved pet; he is a living symbol of our dedication to altering perceptions about pitbulls. Each day, Chance touches lives, softening hearts and challenging misconceptions, showcasing the true, loving nature of his breed.

Through his story, we're reminded of the unyielding spirit and loyalty inherent in rescue animals. Our logo, featuring Chance, stands as a testament to our commitment to advocate for pitbulls and all rescue animals, emphasizing the importance of rescue and adoption. It's a beacon of hope, inspiring a future where every animal is given a chance to be loved and understood.