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Beach Volleyball Rules

Spiker City for winning our first beach volleyball league

Striker Sports & Social is a SOCIAL co-ed sports league first and foremost. Games will be self-regulated but monitored by an official. 

Game Format

 - Three sets to 21, side-out scoring. For the teams with doubles, if the third set of your first game will go past 7:45 then that set will be rally scoring to 15 points. This must be decided before the set is started. 

 - A team must win by 2 points.

 - 1 time out per game, per team. 

 - Coed: at least 2 females on the court at all times. You can always have more females on the court.

 - Teams can play with a minimum of 3 players one must be female to avoid forfeit. 

 - Each team must decide whether they are playing 5v5 or 6v6 before the game starts. One team can play 6v6 and the other 5v5 if that is what the teams decide. 

 - Each team will use the rotation format.


 - A 5-minute forfeit time will be given at each game time. 

 - If a team forfeits two matches over the course of a single season, Striker Sports & Social reserves the right to remove that team from the league without refunding the entrance fee. We also hold the right to refuse entry to the next season. 


 - At the moment of the service hit or take-off for a jump service, the server must not touch the court (the end line included) or the floor outside the service zone.

 - After the hit, he/she may step or land outside the service zone, or inside the court.

 - A service executed before both teams are ready, is canceled and repeated.

 - The ball shall be hit with one hand or any part of the arm after being tossed or released from the hand(s).

- If the ball hits the antenna on a serve, stop play and re-serve. 


Net Play & Faults

 - When the ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.

 - To touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

 - A player may enter the opponent’s court after the ball goes out of play.

 - Players may penetrate into the opponent’s free zone provided that they do not interfere with the opponent's play.

 - A ball traveling to the opposing side can never touch any objects in its travel. (In our case, when the ball hits a branch during serve, attack, or, free-ball) In these instances the play is dead, and the opposing team is granted a point if it was on their serve. If it was not on the opposing teams serve, they will then get the serve. 

Sets, Carries, Double Contact

 - The ball may touch various parts of the body, provided that the contacts take place simultaneously. Double contact on ANY first ball is illegal.

 - The ball must not be caught and/or thrown. No lifting!

 - The ball must enter and exit both hands simultaneously, on 2nd and third contact.

Attack / Block

 - A back-row player, can NOT down-ward attack a ball in the front-row. He or she may hit/set or free-ball the only upwards, in the front row.

 - A player can not touch the ball or an opponent in the opponent’s space before or during the opponent’s attack hit.

 - A player can not interfere with the opponent’s play while penetrating into the opponent’s space under the net.

Playoffs and Finals: 

 - best 2 of 3 sets wins! 

Tie Breakers for playoffs: 

1. Head-to-head competition between tying teams.

2. If still tied, it's records vs. 1st place team (or next highest team, if tied teams are tied for 1st) by winning %, regardless of # of games played.

3. If still tied, record vs. next best team, etc.


These rules are still under review and may be revised for, but not limited to purposes of clarity, fair play, or improvement of the competition.