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Player Conduct Rules – Striker Soccer Leagues 

NEW: Two Strike Rule

Any excessive behavior from players or teams has always meant possible bans. Starting this season, we are clarifying the two strike rule.

Any player or team considered in excessive violation of the player conduct rules will receive a “strike”.

If a player or team receives two strikes, they will be suspended from the league for at least the remainder of the season without refund.

All strike decisions will be made by the league admin in partnership with the ref(s) and communicated to the captain.

Good sportsmanship is a must in this league.

  • If a player or team receives two strikes, they will be suspended from the league for at least the remainder of the season without refund.
  • The strike count remains over leagues and seasons.
  • All strike decisions will be made by the league admin in partnership with the ref(s) and communicated to the captain.

Light pushing with intent to fight - removal from current game, and 1 game suspension.

Aggressive push with intent to fight - suspension from the league and no refund. Duration of suspension is decided by the league.

Any form of hitting/aggressive contact with another player - suspension from the league and no refund. Duration of suspension is decided by the league.

Rosters - Only registered players are allowed to play, period. Players cannot be added or slipped in for the odd game. If a team is found to breach this rule, the team will be deducted a minimum of 6 points and receive final warning.

ID - Make sure all players have a picture ID. ID’s must be presented to referees prior to kick off. If you turn up after kick off, you will not be able to join until the referee checks your ID at the first water break or half. Referees will not check ID’s during the game, only prior, at water breaks and at half time.

Forfeits - If a team forfeits two matches over the course of a single season, Striker Sports & Social reserves the right to remove that team from the league without refunding the entrance fee. We also hold the right to refuse entry to the next season. 

Shin Guards - Shin guards are required at all leagues and at all games. 

Point System - 

Win: 3 points

Tie: 1 point 

Loss: 0 points 

Goal Difference: Maximum goal difference for points is 4. If a team wins 6-0, only 4 goals count. This goes the same for the losing team as a max goal difference is -4. This is to keep the league light and fun. 

Yellow Cards – If you receive a yellow card at any point during the game, you are required to sub out until the next substitution. A team mate can sub in under these circumstances. If you commit a foul, but it’s accidental or minor in nature, you will be subbed out. If you receive a yellow card for dissent, smack talk, persistent complaining etc, you will be sent to the sin bin, and be off the field for 5-10 minutes. The referee will decide how long. The team will not be able to use a sub in this instance, so your team will play down a player.

Red cards - If you receive a red card then you will be removed from the game and not allowed to play in the next game, this rule is still in place when transitioning seasons.

Any excessive behavior from players or teams can result in a ban from the league. Duration will be decided by the league. Finally, if you get a yellow card in two consecutive games, you will be suspended for the next game. Referees will take your name if you receive a yellow card. Failure to provide the referee with your own, real name will result in a longer suspension from the league. 

Sin bins – The sin-bin will mean 5-10 minutes off the field. No replacement or sub is allowed. Anyone still continuing to argue or complain will receive a red card and suspension from future games. The sin bin area will be your own teams bench.

Smack talk, complaining and abusive language – Smack talk consists of verbally abusing anyone and WILL NOT be tolerated in this league. This includes your opponent, a team mate or referee. It also consists of persistent complaining. Only the Captains should address the referee, calmly, during the game. If you are not the Captain and complain or make comments to the referee, you can expect to receive a yellow or a red card, depending on what and how you say things. If your body language or tone of voice is perceived to be aggressive, you can expect a more severe punishment. If you constantly whine and complain, you should expect a sin bin and a yellow card, or a straight red card. If you receive a red card you will be suspended from future games, the length to be determined by the league, no exceptions. The answer to this is, don’t do it! It’s almost certain a referee will never change their mind, so don’t waste your breath, and just play. It’s not the World Cup.

If a team persistently complains, the referee will address the Captain and give a final warning. After this, if it continues, the referee will abandon the game and the offending team will be sanctioned. This may include expulsion from the league, with no refunds.

Conduct yourself properly. If you put your hands on anyone in an aggressive way, it will be a straight red and suspended from the league. A push is included in this, so be warned. We will not tolerate aggressive pushing, shoving, getting in someone’s face or fighting in this league. You will be expelled with no refund.

Slide Tackling - There is NO SLIDE TACKLING. You may slide block to block a shot with no players around. If a player is around, it will result in a yellow. This rule applies to all players including the goalkeeper. A slide tackle will result in an automatic yellow card. 

A slide tackle occurs when a player leaves his/her feet and leads with his/her feet to play the ball while the ball is in the proximity of another player. A slide tackle does not require that any contact occur between players. Sliding to keep a ball from going out of bounds, or to stop a ball that does not endanger another player is not a foul.

It will be up to the referee’s discretion as to whether or not a player’s participation from the ground is dangerous.

Goalkeepers sliding rule. Goalkeepers may slide out with their hands to get the ball. However, they must not be reckless and put another player in danger. If a Goalkeeper comes flying out to slide for the ball in a reckless manner, whether they make contact with an opponent or not, a penalty will be awarded to the opposition. Goalkeepers may not slide out feet first. If you’re a forward running toward a goalkeeper and the GK will get to the ball first, stop or slow down. This will prevent injury to you and/or another.

COVID – With COVID-19 still prevalent, it’s imperative that we try to distance as much as possible. It’s not always possible in the game, but certain things will very much have an impact. The following will result in an immediate expulsion from the league with no refund;

  • If you shout at someone, or get in their face, from a close distance.
  • If you cough directly toward or at someone.
  • If you spit at someone.
  • If you put your hands on someone (see above). 

Let’s all use common sense and keep each other safe. Above all, enjoy the game, play soccer and enjoy life. 

This is a pub league and as such is expected to be friendly and fun. Winning is great, but it’s not everything. If you act differently when you are losing, to how you act when you’re winning, this is the wrong league for you. 

Win with grace and humility, lose with dignity and respect.

League Standings

The league maintains a standings page to reflect the wins, losses, and draws for each team. League standings and scores will be updated and available on this website.

Rain- Out / Cancellation Procedure: Please check our Facebook page for any cancellations. If nothing is posted, please proceed to the playing field. Referees are permitted to leave the field only after the last scheduled game is played to full time or terminated early for weather or other cause.

The game clock will continue to run during the suspension. No additional time will be added in the case of suspension due to weather.

Score and Timekeeping: Score keeping and Time keeping will be performed on the field by the referee.