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Annual Sponsorships 

Partner with Striker Soccer 

Tier 1


  • 1x per month social cross post (FB, LI, IG for now) - 10 months

  • Mention in registration email notices - 5-10 per year

  • Customized referral program

Tier 2


  • All of Tier 1

  • + 1x per month social cross-post

  • Standalone intro/offer email (sponsor to provide copy/images)

Tier 3


  • All of Tier 1 + 2

  • Website mention/linkback

  • Option of setting up 1x per season/league as part of the opener (Wednesday evening, Friday evening, Sunday morning and/or evening) + 1x per quarter during our youth academy (Wednesday evenings)

  • 1x per quarter - special event invitation

Additional Sponsorships Opportunities

  • Champion T-shirt Sponsor

    $1250/season (~5 seasons per year)

    Have your business shown on all of our league champions shirts! These are high-quality polyester shirts that our players wear in their every day lives. 

  • Summer Camp Sponsor

    $1,000/ month (only available during summer)

    Provide a brochure, flyer, swag item, etc that will go home to our athletes' families and a mention in email follow-up to parents/guardians with links